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Racism alert

The racism doesn't stop. Now McCain vows to "whip" Obama's you-know-what in the next debate. Hello? "Whip?" Like a plantation master? Can't believe he got away with that one. (Oops, I made a racist comment myself with the last two words of the previous sentence!!)


I don't believe McCain saying he is going to whip Obama's whatever was code racism. Maybe a bit delusional, since neither candidate has done any whipping in the last two, so why he'd think he can in the last, I don't know, but racist? No. I do think that the tone in the last week or so has been extremely uncomfortable.

Mccain new he'd get away with that comment, he was daring anyone to make it racial.

Even tho it was racial it would be foolish to try and prove it and would make the acuser look silly.

We all know he did it on purpose and was implying he was gonna whip Obamas black ass.

McCain looked as stupid and inept as ever, and lost all three debates.

The fake "Joe the Plumber" story was priceless.

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