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How'd I miss this?

We all know that middle names are racist, but now it appears as if using them is a federal crime. Isn't everyone looking forward to eight more years of this?


Middle names are not racist. But some use them in a racist way. Did you see the McCain/Polin mob video from the event in Ohio when they were calling Obama a "terrorist"? And one woman there said, he has the (terrorist) "bloodline". Guess what, that racist comment of hers is to large extent the result of the racist way some right wingers have been trying to use his middle name. I am sure you realize that. I am sure you agree it is a terrible thing.

I had to read up on the Hatch act. Evidently, it prohibits federal employees from engaging in partisan activities. The act been around for 80 years and it's been upheld by the Supreme Court.

It isn't clear to me from reading the article how the Sheriff violated the act.

Might not part of the problem be that the Sheriff was giving the uniform when giving this lovely introduction?


Meant to say.. he was wearing the uniform.

Anyway.. I have a friend who works in the Department of State. We don't talk politics at all because it would break his code of conduct.

>It isn't clear to me from reading the article how the Sheriff violated the act.

Me neither. My dad was a civil servant for most of his life, so I'm familiar with the act. I always understood it to apply primarily to federal employees and to exempt elected officials (who campaign as part of their nature.) Given all of that, and how spottily it's enforced at all, and how the "middle name" usage was specified explicitly in the complaint, it's pretty clear to me what's going on.

Hey, for a real laugh that idiot Palin is going around saying she is glad to be completely exonerated when she was found GUILTY of abusing her power, which is against Alaska state law.

What a sociopathic, self-deluded dimwit. She is one creepy, soulless bubblehead ... but I would still bang her, don't get me wrong.

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