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This will surprise exactly no one

I'm guessing exactly no one will be shocked by this.

Late-Night Comics Skewer Republicans 7-to-1, Study Finds

If you're a fan of Jay Leno or David Letterman, you may already know this: You have to listen to seven Republican jokes for every one the late-night comedians tell about Democrats.

Fine, we all knew that already. But here's my question. Whenever I'd point out lopsided political skewerings in the media a few years ago, I was always told it was because Republicans run everything! Who were these folks supposed to rag on?

But of course the Democrats have controlled both the House and the Senate for the past two years now, and it's looking increasingly likely that they'll take the White House as well. I wonder what justification they'll give for their anti-Republican fixation then? Gotta wait and see I guess.


I think comedians have a hard time making fun of Obama. His being black may be part of it, but I don't believe it's the only reason.

During the primaries, SNL had far more fun with the Clintons as their traits are easier to caricature.

WAH WAH WAH! At least the Republicans don't have to deal with an entire television channel (FOX) as a devoted propoganda machine churning out lies.

Well, Jon Stewart does poke fun at both. It probably is partly the whole, who is the easier target combined with Letterman still being pissed about the "something suddenly came up" cancellation.

"At least the Republicans don't have to deal with an entire television channel (FOX) as a devoted propoganda machine churning out lies." (Barely Hanging)

What?! They don't have Talk Radio any more.

I though they DID!

The Liberals (not the Democrats, since only about 42% of Dems consider themselves "Liberals") have ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC (not to mention PBS and NPR), where over 80% of the reporters self-identify as Liberal, in a country where (and you can look this up in the latest Newsweek, October 27, 2008) self-idenitified Conservatives (40%) outnumber self-identified Liberals (20%) by 2 to 1!

When I've seen FoxNews,their news is straight down the line. Their news people, Harris Faulkner, Martha McCallum, Trace Gallagher, Megyn Kelly, Shephard Smith are all straight facts, with very little editorializing compared to other "news" networks.

Their opinion progrmas seem evenly divided. O'Reilly's a New York Centrist and I see him as "slightly LEFT of Center" - opposing Capital Punishment, supporting a "guest worker" program for illegals and claiming that "oil companies (they're reallyu ENERGY companies) are gauging the American people." He has had more Liberal guests on than COnservative and he did the most probing and by far, the fairest interview with Barack Obama that's been done.

Hannity and Colmes is another OPINION program, which is evenly divided in its staffing - one Conservative and one Liberal.

The canard that "Colmes is a patsy to Hannity's bullying Conservatism" is inane. Colmes is no more Hannity's patsy than is BW or PE my patsy around here, as I consistently make well-researcehed and compelling arguments for my viewpoint and they fail to do so for theirs.

I think that's just "a Liberal thing." You know, since the FACTS are not in their favor, they tend to emote.

Compare O'Reilly to Olbermann and you can clearly see why his program has ratings larger than Campbell Brown's (CNN) and Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) combined.

Olby is so deranged that you NEVER hear even die-hard Liberals quoting Olby. Almost certainly proof that even THEY don't listen!

Olby NEVER balances out his guests and almost NEVER interviews a Conservative (a wise move, considering his apparent limitations).

What Leftists love to point to on the networks is that "most Sunday morning opinion shows have an equal amount of Liberals and Conservatives...and THAT'S the PROBLEM in a nation where Conservatives outnumber Liberals by 2 to 1 (according to a most generous poll, by a Left-leaning magazine, Newsweek)!

Hmmmm Barely, math/logic isn't your strong-suit either, eh.

No surprise there.




Thanks JMK, you proved my point.

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