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Check out my new album

It's my band's, actually -- San Pedro District. It's called "Map of Our Individuality." Cool cover art, huh?

You can't order this on Amazon yet, because it doesn't actually exist. But I have to say that K's album meme does such a good job that it makes me want to make this album. It's kinda neat how well it works. And to think of all those brain cells I wasted in college trying to come up with a great band name.


Barry Johnson is God.

Coming soon is the VH1 documentary that tells of how you came to burn down your drummer's house. (One of many fun stories in the ongoing saga that is San Pedro District.)

Isn't it amazing how that works? It makes me regret that I have at best a chorus voice. :p

I dunno. Some of my favorite singers can't really sing -- Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, John Prine, Neil Young....

All of those singers sing great, in my opinion. Bob Dylan's first album was primarily his versions of songs he didn't write.

Not that I want to hear Dylan sing Opera...

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