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Green velvet cake

Since Valentine's Day had cleared the shelves of any and all red food coloring, I figured why not?


Yum! I actually never had red velvet cake until last year. I've since become a convert. :)

It was only during the past few years that I learned it was a "southern" thing. Guess I had always just thought it was universal.

Is this the dessert after the Tofu Turkey?

Sorry, Barry. I'm sure your cooking has Southern Charm and I bet that cake is delicious.. but...

I love to cook, but baking never was my forte, to be honest. You should try my chili, though. :-)

Wow, that's something that my wife does all the time. She makes cakes that look like dirt, but they taste like heaven.

I think there's some money for baking green cakes in the new stimulus bill.

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