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I'm glad that Bush didn't do this because that would have been stupid.


Now that really IS funny.

Almost as funny as Chris Dodd (hopefully soon to be "the former Senator from Conn") taking $103 Grand from AIG and then writing in "the bonus clause", exempting all bonuses contractually agreed to, on or before 2/9/2009, from government penalties.

The clause he first blamed on Geithner, then fessed up to a day later.

Funny stuff.

I can't wait for the MSM to start wailing on Obama for "Not even knowing that DVDs are set to various regions."

I mean, come on! That's a LOT funnier than a politician not knowing who the Prime Minister of Pakistan is, isn't it?

It's like the Special Olympics, or something.

Whoa WF, you CAN'T say "Special Olympics" now-a-days!

Barack Obama said that, in relation to his bowling score of 122 and got hounded for an apology.

You also can't say "blind", "crippled", "deaf", "midget", "giant" or any other phrases that might offend....ANYone.

Hmmmm "Liberal" offends me, as in "proudly Liberal," maybe we can get an apology from people who say things like that.

I'm sure all you dumbasses knew that DVDs are manufactured for specific regions.

ANYONE who ever sold one on EBay Knows that DVDs are set to regions.

If Bush went to Mexico and actually asked who painted the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Press Corps would have melted down in hysterical laughter. But Hillary does this (yes, really!)and nothing! Not a peep out of CNN over one of the most ignorant gaffes of this administration.

In typical fashion, Clintonistas are trying to point out that she was looking at something else, but the film doesn't lie! Apparently the Mexican press isn't lying either.

"Not a peep out of CNN over one of the most ignorant gaffes of this administration..." (MAS 1916)

That was a good one, but I still think Biden's classic, "You've got to know what you're talking about...when the stock market crahsed, one of the first things FDR did was to go on TV to calm the nation's fears," during an interview with Katie Couric was one of the best gaffes EVER!

Unfortunately, such media bias is so ingrained, so routine, that too many left-wing "dittoheads" don't even notice any more.

The current example is the difference in the way the story about Biden's daughter doing cocaine has been assiduously avoided by virtually EVERY media outlet (and rightly so, as a "friend" of hers was trying to hawk a tape), compared to the way the same media vultured the Palin children...one hate site (D-Kos) actually posted accounts of a fictitious, non-story about Sarah Palin possibly being her youngest child's grandmother!

The fact that it was a non-story, is bad enough...if ANYthing, if it had been true, it would've shown Sarah Palin to be an exemplary parent, trying to shield her daughter from embarassment and the burdens of child-rearing, but the fact that it was so obviously fictitious, made that a veritable "hate crime," something the D-Kos specializes in.

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