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New blogger here at CN

Well this doesn't happen too often, but I'm pleased to announce that Cynical Nation has a new author -- Adam Gurri of Sophistpundit. He's been a regular commenter here for some time, and so will probably be familiar to most of you already.

He's smarter than one should be at his age, but refuses to take any of this stuff too seriously, which is definitely a prerequisite here. Adam is partially to blame for my recent forays into math blogging, but try not to hold that against him.

I'm happy that he's chosen to post here, because he's already a pretty busy guy. In addition to his own site, he blogs with a bunch of other folks over at Creative Destruction.

Now is a good time to have him aboard, since I'm going to be going on vacation the week after next, and will be unable to give this board the kind of half-assed attention you readers have come to expect. Hopefully Adam and CRB will take up the slack, although (as always) I encourage both my co-bloggers to blog as often as they like, whenever the mood strikes them, and not just when I'm on vacation.