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I can't believe I waited two frakkin' weeks for that episode!

(BSG spoilers follow, so stop here if you care.)

I typically enjoy these "self-contained" episodes that exist largely outside the story arc, but I found last night's to be sub-par for several reasons. First, I thought the writing just sucked. Second, I found the whole episode to be a bit too "Star Trek-y," in that some doctor we've never heard of spontaneously appears out of the vacuum, and you just know that he's going to be disposed of by the end of the episode.

I was also bugged at how "Helo-centric" last night's episode was. (Get it? That was a pun. You know, like "heliocentric?" Get it? Anyway....) I know there's a big segment of BSG fans out there for whom Helo is their favorite character, but I'm damned if I know why. To me he comes across as a tiresome, self-righteous, insubordinate prig. He's so humorless I'm convinced you could squeeze him to death in a wine press and not an ounce of fun would ooze out. If there are any Helo fans out there who can explain the guy's appeal, I'd love to hear it. (BTW, I'm not talking about the Helo who posts here. He's pretty cool.)

Meanwhile, at least I've got two hours of 24 tonight to make up for last night's abortion.


I have to concur -- First time ever I fell asleep half way through the episode.

It had the ring of a "ripped from the headlines" Law and Order episode -- fine for Law and Order, but not what I want to see on BSG.

Let's get some good old fashioned Human on Cylon combat action going here. And I mean the real, shiny metal-assed cylons, not those Hollywood meat-bag simulations...well, I wouldn't mind watching some Human on 6 action, but that's a different story.

Come on, guys, I liked the episode. And I'm not even a "Helo fan".

Overall, I think the writing is better this season than last, as the second half of season 2 seemed to run out of gas until the finale.

And what's with the bonus scenes, is this something new? They aren't included on the iTunes version.

Hey CRB, I didn't realize you were caught up yet!

I didn't think the episode was "terrible," just not very good. And to be fair, I was a bit drunk, so who knows?

And I don't really get the new "bonus scene" feature either. Not sure I like it. Last night's bonus scene seemed pretty important to me.

I want to see 6 naked.

then buy the Feb issue of Playboy - or do a Google image search with the flters off.

Thanks, now I'd like to see boomer and 6 together.


I got here from a link to your Giuliani post then saw this also.
To me, Helo's appeal is in his everyman, blue collar work effort. He's easy to relate to when he gets stuck with a miserable job and he just does it.
He's not the smartest guy and didn't seem to be up to the task of deciphering the temple, but he tried.
In this episode which was OK, a little campy, I liked the "Am I crazy?" outlook from Helo, which I think they could have played up more. He's a simple grunt doing what he's told, but he calls it like he sees it. I don't know any personally, but I would guess a lot of soldiers in Iraq can relate.

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