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Old (but recent) TV

My wife and I have a peculiar habit of watching TV shows long after most other people. Now that we're going through Sopranos withdrawal, we've finally decided to start on "Six Feet Under" from the beginning.

It's good, my wife says. Very good. But not as good as "The Sopranos." Not even as good as "Battlestar Galactica."

Now you see why I married her.


Did you actually convince her to watch Battlestar Galactica? Wanna talk delayed? I still haven't seen any of the three.

Yeah! It wasn't easy, but once she started, she got totally hooked on BSG.

Here's where we part ways, BNJ. Couldn't stand the Sopranos, maybe it was Gando-what-cha-ma-call-him, never saw him do anything I liked.

Loved Six Feet Under. First couple of seasons were the best.

As for BSG, haven't seen the updated one. Sorta liked the original from the '70's when it was on. Kinda out grew sci-fi stuff after that. Except for The X-Files.

I suppose "Firefly" is old news here. I bought it after I saw "Serenity" on the big screen. (The wrong way to do it, I know) The missus and I watched the whole series through twice last winter, then loaned it out to a friend, who is now grieving because there isn't more.

Yes, I should check out Firefly, now that you mention it.

And Dan, BSG is the *perfect* show for those who've "outgrown" SF. You should check out the pilot miniseries, at least. :-)

SFU is a GREAT series. Every time I watch it I get more out of it. Great characters, great story, lessons learned -- and the best damn series ending of all time.

And just as something different (and to show just how awesome an actor Michael C. Hall is, if Showtime reruns DEXTER again before it returns in the fall, be sure to catch it again. If not, Season 1 is out on DVD in August.

I think there are some other reasons you married her, too. :-)

I'm having Sopranos withdrawal, too. I'm enjoying Big Love, though. That modern-day polygamy stuff is fascinating.

My wife and I enjoy watching shows after the fact, too. Right now we're catching up with Arrested Development, and after that, The Office. And sooner or later we're going to HAVE to start 24.

We're anxiously awaiting BSG, too. I liked Firefly, and thought Serenity took it up a notch. Though I do like BSG a LOT more than Firefly.

At the end of the show, everyone dies.

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