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Finally, someone else has noticed what I've known for years: Sarah Jessica Parker is the least sexy woman alive.

Yep, I was way ahead of the curve on this one.

What's that? Who am I to pass such glib judgment on the pulchritude of others? Mind you, I didn't award her the title, Maxim magazine did. And if we're to start second-guessing the judgment of our finest periodicals, then what is to prevent our very social fabric from unraveling completely? Huh?

Granted, I may be no catch, but at least I compensate for my lack of inherent sexiness with other charming qualities, such as my heavy drinking. SJP, on the other hand, compensates by being a total bitch. Well, at least that's the way she always was on that horrible show my wife used to watch.

Hey, who else here knew that one of SJP's earliest acting gigs was on the old CBS Radio Mystery Theater with E. G. Marshall? Man, I used to love that show when I was a kid! I still have my iPod full of old episodes. (I am old.)


That's some picture of SJP.

In that one, she looks like a slightly younger version of Rhea Perlman ("Carla Tortelli" on that old sitcom Cheers and wife of Danny DeVito).


Well, any picture where she doesn't look like a man flatters her.

Men. :rollingeyes:

I don't know where you found those two pics, but that's an amazing juxtaposition!

It's the first time I've ever seen a set of pics where John Edwards looked prettier than SJP.

Or maybe I just never noticed before.

So typical of Barry to disparage SJP just because she is Jewish. She can't help it that she was born with a big nose.

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